Live as one with nature with our deluxe shelters!

Our deluxe shelter

Original walls and ceiling painted white to preserve the authentic shipping container experience.

A unique central island for all your storage needs

Bosch appliances

Wall-mounted toilet

Electric heating with central electronic thermostatic control

2 Queen mattresses, waterproof and multifunctional


Multifunctional common areas

The inside layout allows you to live as you want, sleeping and cooking on whatever side you prefer.

Our deluxe shelter

We wanted to start with a shipping container and make it a place to live in, but without turning it into an actual “house”. Limiting the number of changes to the original container preserves its original look and feel.


  • Sides have no openings to preserve the long and lean look of the original container.
  • Containers retain their original corner castings so they can be secured to cement piles on site upon delivery.
  • No drilling or cutting: all outside attachments use a patented fastening system that is soldered to the container so it remains completely sealed.
  • Structure made of 90% metal to allow for balanced aging.
  • Composite, no-maintenance floating exterior panels.
  • Completely sealed.

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